About Us

LeagueTracker provides valuable tools needed to succeed on the rift!


LeagueTracker allows a synchronized communication system between allied team members that permits the notation of an enemy summoner spell and notifies the team upon summoner spell re-availability.


Using LeagueTracker will boost your productivity in-game by notifying you before an enemy summoner spell cooldown comes back up. This will lead to greater advantages that can lead to your team taking the victory.


LeagueTracker does not discriminate against any gaming users. We are currently available on our Live Website Client and Overwolf. We are soon launching our app on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Overwolf Client

LeagueTracker Overwolf Extension

Automatic Synchronization

LeagueTracker is built on the Overwolf platform, an Intel invested company.

The LeagueTracker client automatically generates a unique URL for you once you enter champion select. You can share this link with teammates to allow them access to the team's summoner spell timers.

Anyone on your team that has LeagueTracker installed doesn't need to open the generated link. Once your game starts, all of your timers will be automatically synced.


Officially Approved

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Using Riot & Overwolf API

LeagueTracker's web client utilizes Riot's API. All information we obtain from your game is given to us from Riot. LeagueTracker provided tools such as a countdown timer that's connected with your team. This type of automation is not against Riot's TOS.

The LeagueTracker in-game client utilizes Overwolf's API to fetch in-game information. Riot says Overwolf complies with their terms of service.

LeagueTracker also got direct approval from Riot to use their API. LeagueTracker does not break Riot's TOS and you cannot get banned for using this application.